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Panama Tour One


Price per person


Day 1

Tranfer in + City Tour with Casco Viejo / Panama Nuevo / Causeway Amador where there is a very nice view in the city and on the other side in the Bridge of the Americas + Biomuseum (building with spectacular architecture – does not include entrance) and installation to the hotel

Day 2

Option 1 : Shopping day in the largest mall in Latin America.

Option 2 : Tour to the canal – Miraflores Locks + museum (1/2 day the rest of the free time, you can enjoy the hotel and its swimming pool for example).

Option 3 : Navigation Gatun Lake in the areas of the canal and near the busques + Isla de los Monos (1/2 day other leisure time, can enjoy the hotel and its pool for example)

Day 3 :

Transfer out – according to flight schedules.

Private transport

Admission to Panama Cana

Spanish / English guide


If the tour city can not be done on day 1 because of the flight schedule, it can be done on the last day.

Prices for people
PAX Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
2 (1 double room) 196 USD 247 USD 275 USD
3 (1 triple room) 175 USD 224 USD 256 USD
4 (2 double rooms) 165 USD 206 USD 239 USD
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