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Panama Tour Four


Price per person


Day 1 :

Tranfer in + City Tour with Casco Viejo / Panama Nuevo / Causeway Amador where there is a very nice view in the city and on the other side in the Bridge of the Americas + Biomuseum (building with spectacular architecture – does not include entrance) and installation to the hotel

Day 2 and day 3:

Passing in San Blas – Paradise is here!

Day 4 :

Option 1: Tour to the canal – Miraflores Locks + museum (1/2 day the rest of the free time, you can enjoy the hotel and its pool for example)

Option 2: Sailing Gatun Lake in the canal areas and close to the busques + Isla de los Monos (1/2 day other leisure time, you can enjoy the hotel and its pool for example)

Day 5 :

Shopping day in the largest mall in Latin America

Day 6 :

Transfer out – according to flight schedules.

Private transport

Admission to Panama Cana

Spanish / English guide


  • Includes roundtrip transportation from Panama City, round trip boat Puerto / Isla / Puerto, tour on other islands, lunch, dinner and breakfast, private cabin for the client group with shared bathrooms, guide, Contribution to the Nargana forest reserve, Kuna Yala tax ($ 20)
  • Does not include drinks such as beer, rum, water or soda, which can be purchased on the island for an additional cost, lunch on the second day.

If the tour city can not be done on day 1 because of the flight schedule, it can be done on the last day.

Prices for people
PAX Option 1 Option 2
2 (1 double room) 596 USD 611 USD
3 (1 triple room) 562 USD 576 USD
4 (2 double rooms) 522 USD 454 USD
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