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City Tour Managua



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City Tour Managua

Managua, capital of Nicaragua, located southeast of Lake Xolotlán and embellished by many crater lakes that give rise to its name, which means “next to the lake” in Nahuatl. In its center there are shopping areas, museums, art galleries, theaters, markets and the largest number of hotels in the country. We will show you a panoramic view of the city and the historic center of the city (Palace of Culture, National Theater, and Old Cathedral); a visit to the ruins of the Somoza Presidential Palace where there have been prisons and torture rooms; a time to buy handicrafts in the market; and a visit to the colorful and new tourist site Puerto Salvador Allende on the coast of Lake Xolotlán.

The day does not end there, we also invite you to visit the new Managua with its modern shopping centers and its new Cathedral and at the end the Denis Martinez Baseball Stadium

Places to visit

  • Old Cathedral
  • National Palace
  • Center of the city destroyed by the 1972 earthquake
  • Laguna de Tiscapa, Sandino Museum, former presidential palace of the Somoza family.
  • Visit to Salvador Allende Lake Port.
  • Visit to Paseo Xolotlán
  • Roberto Huembés Market (Crafts)
  • Visit New Cathedral of Managua
  • Visit the National Baseball Stadium


  • Recommended departure time: 11:00 a.m.
  • 5 hours

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