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A train like no other

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A train like no other

A train like no other. There are different ways to discover the Panama Canal. With this day trip, we suggest you cross the country and therefore reach the Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific Ocean. This trip will not be done by boat or by car, but will be done by train! Our driver will go to your hotel or residence to go to the Panama City train station to take the Panama Express. This train is the only one in the country and above all the only one that connects the two oceans. This railway line allows the transport of goods between the two coasts. This train is a legend and its almost 80-kilometer railway was built between 1850 and 1855, bordering the Canal, the locks and crossing the jungle. From the panoramic carriage made for tourists, you can make the trip outside and admire the Chagres River, the Canal in another way, the artificial lake Gatún and its locks. After this trip, you will arrive at the train terminal. Columbus where our guide will be waiting for you. The road will continue and you will take a ferry to reach the Fort of San Lorenzo at the beginning of the Chagres River. Included in the Unesco World Heritage list, the fort served to protect the transatlantic trade, it is seen with the presence of ancient fortifications and Spanish cannons. On the way back to Panama City and your residence, you can also visit the new Agua Clara locks with its new visitor center. This day loaded in visits will be reflected in the photos forever.

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Camera

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