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Hello world!
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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
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Add Nicaragua To Your Bucket List If You’re Young, Broke And Looking For Adventure
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Photos and Text by Georgina Lawton |Nicaragua is full of stunning surprises. Its reputation as backpacker heaven is only really emerging now, as the country is still taking its time to scramble to its feet after a bloody revolution which raged from 1978-1990. But today, the country that shares borders with Honduras and Costa Rica is
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Shredding the Slopes in Nicaragua: The Thrill of Volcano Boarding
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In Nicaragua, you can go surfing or sledding down the side of an active volcano at 40 miles per hour. We had to try it out.  By Latifah Al-Hazza Advertisement When planning my trip to Nicaragua, I expected that I would explore towns, immerse myself in Latin American culture, and lie around on pristine
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Central America: 10 Major Impressions
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Read the Original in We have just come back from six countries of Central America and want to share the main impressions from them. Undoubtedly, the countries are very different. Panama and Costa-Rica are quite rich, safe (this does not always apply to Panama) and expensive. El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are much more frightening
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